Lebanon songs

The Lebanon = The Human League
The Lebanon = Holland
Lebanon = The Untouchables
Angel from Lebanon = The Muffins
Flower of Lebanon = Aaron English
lebanon  9:04 = Afrobeat Down
Lebanon = Alice Despard
Lebanon = Amanda Abizaid
Streams of Lebanon = Anthony Baglino
The Groves of Lebanon  = Appendix Out
Holiday in Lebanon = B.G.K.
Heavy Cross/Mount Lebanon Solemn Song = Barry Phillips & William Coulter
Good Evening, My Friends/Mount Lebanon March =  Barry Phillips & William Coulter
Lebanon Pike = Bill Colgate
Pittsburgh to Lebanon  = Butthole Surfers
Lebanon = Cathy Grier
Lebanon = Dudley Saunders
Calling Lebanon / Lavanon = Ethnix
Poeme symphonique No. 1, "Le Liban en flammes' (Lebanon in Flames), Op. 14  = Orchestre Colonne & Pierre Dervaux Bechara El-Khoury: Requiem for Orchestra

Beirut Taxi = Alexandre Desplat Syriana
Leaving Beirut = Roger Water
Beirut = Rombi
New Years In Beirut = Craig Zehms
Beirut Vacation =Ira Newborn The Naked Gun 2-1/2: The Smell of Fear (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Beirut, a War Zone =   Harry Gregson-Williams, Spy Game
Israel = Bill Evans
Israel = Miles Davis Jazz Profile: Miles Davis
Israel = Pops Body Shop Dreamers
Israel = Siouxsie and The Banshees
Tel Aviv = Apparat Berlin, Montreal, Tel Aviv
Lost All the S**t In Tel Aviv  = Apparat Shitkatapult empfiehlt!
Tel Aviv = Duran Duran
Tel Aviv = F.S.K.